10 Logo Design trend predictions – What to follow in 2010?

作者:Nora Reed 发布时间 10/04/29 来源 Logoblog

With every coming year, distinctive and fresh trends are adopted in the field of logo design. Although logo designing does not necessitate rules and regulations, but style and trends are followed in every industry. A capable logo designer should identify current and existing trends which are in style and demand. However, it is not easy to categorize logo design trends from umpteen trends already prevailing in the industry.

Logo design trends are very tricky to make out. Each passing year, trends come and go away like the seasons. Some logo designs become trend setters while other turn out to be trend smashers.

After having analyzed the logo design trends in the first quarter of 2010, I have enlisted 10 of the most noticeable logo design trends. Although this is still a prediction as one can never be too sure about varying trends, but these are certainly the trends to look out for this year.


1. Conceptual Logos

The conceptual logo design trend is one of the most creative styles of logo design ever to have originated. Hiding messages within a logo design is an art in itself. After the huge success of FedEx logo with a concealed arrow, logo designers have started adding a concept within the logo design.


2. Signature Logos

The signature or handmade logo design has fast grown into a popular trend. The sketchy and handy logo designs are in style nowadays. With consumers becoming brand conscious, top designers are turning attention to signature logos.


3. 3D Logos

Popularly acclaimed as a trendsetter, the 3D logo design is quickly emerging into the one of the hottest new logo design trends in the business. As we move into the world of 3D and animations, the call for for 3D logos is rapidly on the rise.


4. Minimalism Logos

The art of minimalism, which was introduced back in the 1960s, is back in observation. Minimalism trend in logo design calls for minimal use of graphic and visuals and making the logo design as simple and easily comprehensible as possible.


5. Formal typeface Logos

Employing stylish and cool fonts is diminishing as the occurrence of formal typeface is surfacing once again. To portray a sense of elegance and class to the corporate entity, a logo design is made with formal and elegant fonts.


6. Hybrid design Logos

This is one of the smarter trends to look out for in the coming time. A hybrid logo design is a combination of two or more than two logo design trends. Using the sequential design with transparency design, or conceptual style with 3D makes a new logo design trend. In other words, it is a fusion of logo design trends.


7. Sequential Logos

Sequential logo design is a recent addition to the trends and is one to look out for. Showing motion in sequential steps projects a company’s progress and determination for growth. Sequential logos will be hard to miss in the coming months as the world comes out of the global recession.


8. Eco SmartLogos

This is the trendiest logo designs as far as global awareness is concerned. With the climate awareness increasing, companies are nowadays shifting to Eco-smart logo designs to show corporate social responsibility. A recent adoption of this trend was McDonald’s hunter green logo in Europe.


9. Emotional Logos

Logo designs with emotions is an emerging trend. This is because customers nowadays deem products as a valuable possession. Emerging corporate brands are trying to bond with their customers on an emotional level through emotional and expressive logo designs.


10. Gradient Logos

Although this trend is a controversial one, it is gaining popularity. Gradient in the past was criticized for the excessive cost of printing and difficulty in executing. But nowadays, logo designers are accepting the fact that gradient gives the logo design a modern and well-groomed appearance.

You might claim many of these trends to be a follow-up of 2009 but do you think any of these trends will be a real hit in logo design industry this year ?