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What's happening?在忙什么

How are you?你好吗?

Nice to meet you(适用于第一次见面)很高兴见到你。

Nice to see you again(适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人)很高兴再见到你。

How have you been?(适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友) 你过得怎么样?

Long time no see(适用于很久没见的朋友)好久不见

Just so so普通。

How is it going?近况如何。

How’s everything with you?你的一切如何?

Hi! Are you having fun?嗨,你过得愉快吗?

How have you been (feeling)?你近来如何?

So far so good到目前还好。

Greetings with People Met Often问候常见面的人

Hi, there!嗨,哈罗!

How are you doing? I can’t complain too much你好吗?我不能太抱怨。(还不错)。

How is your business going?你生意做得怎样?

How are things going?事情进行得怎样?

How is your day going?过得如何?

How are you doing these days? Well, about the same最近好吗?嗯,差不多一样。

What’s new?近况如何。

How do you feel today?你今天觉得怎样?

I feel like a new man我觉得好像脱胎换骨了。

Are you making progress?你有进展吗?

Have gotten over your cold?你感冒好了吗?

Did you sleep soundly last night?你昨晚睡得好吗?

What’s the matter? Don’t you feel well?怎么了?你不舒服吗?

Why are you so cross today?你今天怎么这么容易生气?

You look tiredHad a big night?你看起来很疲倦。昨晚刺激吗?

How come you look so tired?你怎么看起来这么疲倦?

Why are you in such a good mood?你怎么心情这么好?

You look under the weather today你今天好像不舒服。

Is anything wrong?有什么不对劲吗?

Where are you headed?你去哪里?

I’m on my way to the library我要去图书馆。

Where have you been?你去哪里了?