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  twimo2003 wrote:
  I seriously question the sanity of any American calling for a strong and nuclear armed Japanese military. Don’’t forget Japan will jump on any opportunity to NUKE the U.S. for revenge. Japan has long memory of American nuclear attack on Japan in WW2.
  Posters here who call for Japan’’s military expansion are either pseudo-Americans (traitors) or incognito Japanese nationalists.
  veerle1 wrote:
  It’’s time for Japan to rely upon its own military to deter its potential enemies.
  My question is, why do we allow American companies to feed the monsternamed "China"? China is a threat to the world, more so than Russia or theU.S. Yet we support them by giving away our jobs to them and buying theirproducts.
  Business has a lot to answer for, specifically, why they are traitors totheir own people? And we all must decide whether buying that Chinese-made product is worth it? Aren’’t we just cutting our own throats?
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  dmm1 wrote:
  US should freeze interest payments to China until China:
  a) pays for all of its pirated software;
  b) pays for all of its pirated media (movies & music);
  c) reimburses companies for IP theft (trademarks &patents);
  d) reimburses consumers for selling them defective merchandise; and
  e) reimburses consumers and companies for damages from internet hacking and the costs for defending themselves from it.
  Say what you like about Japan, they’’re not stealing us blind.
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  hohohoman1 wrote:
  after living in japan for many years, my opinion is Japan should not be armed more than what they already are.
  Japan politicians are mainly supported by extreme right-wing organizations (aka Yakoza). They have been blaming US for WWII and stating that Japan was only helping Asia countries to fight Americans. They even said Pearl Harbour was not a suprise attack. American and Alies (Brit) were informed
  by Japan. it is a crime in Germany if any Germans would praise for Nazi.
  Everyone please remembers that Japan is the only country which attacked Americans soil and brutally killed hundreds of millions Asian not too long ago..
  perryneheum wrote:
  For the Western Hemisphere, it would be best if the Japanese and the Commies went to war on some pretext and neutralized their respective defense programs for, oh, about two decades.
  Give the rest of the world some breathing room.
  And themselves population control.
  Hoople1 wrote:
  China has always been a threat, economically and ecologically. They continue to procreate incredibly yet contribute little more to the global economy than cheap labor. The suck up resources but give nothing, such as technology, produce (aside from rice) or REAL manufacturing in return.
  They are brutal dictators by their very nature, and secretively annihilate other internal cultures. During the Cultural Revolution, mosques along with other religious buildings, were often defaced, destroyed or closed and copies of the Quran were destroyed along with temples, churches, Buddhist and Daoist monasteries, and cemeteries by the Red Guards.
  A well armed Japan and South Korea not to mention Taiwan are greatly needed in this area. China is known to be sneaky and one can never trust ANYTHING they say.
  postmark54 wrote:
  1.3 Billion pitchforks do a lot of damage plus the fact that my dad is bigger than yours, a lot bigger.
  Are you people so ignorant that you believe a serious conflict between my smaller "dad" and your larger "dad" would be a conventional one?
  Yes, that’’s what Japan thought too -- not very bright, are you? I recall my mother telling me once that you could march the chinese; four abreast into the sea, and they would march forever.
  Well bunky, this has all changed. We can make you disappear now, all of you prolific little devils, in a matter of seconds -- and then go to McDonalds for lunch with the family.