How to Think Like a Designer

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  Constraints and limitations are wonderful allies and leadtoenhanced creativity and ingenious solutions that withoutconstrainsnever would have been discovered or created. In the wordsof T.S.Eliot, Given total freedom the work is likely to sprawl.Theresno point complaining about constraints such as time, money,tools,etc. Your problem is what it is. How can you solve it giventheresources and time that you have.

  (2) Adopt the beginners mind.

  As the old saying goes, in the experts mind there arefewpossibilities, but for one with the beginners mind, the worldiswide open. Designers understand the need to take risks,especiallyduring early explorations of the problem. They are notafraid tobreak with convention. Good designers are open mindedandcomfortable with ambiguity early on in the process, this ishowdiscoveries are made.

  (3) Check your ego at the door.

  This is not about you, its about them (your audience,customer,patient, student, etc.). Look at the problem from theirpoint ofview -- put yourself in their shoes. This is not easy, ittakesgreat amounts of empathy. Get in touch with your empatheticside.Empathy — an under valued soft skill, can be agreatdifferentiator and is key for truly understanding aproblem.